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Cricket (Grade 7)

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What is the object of cricket?

What does the bowling team do?
  1. uses a bat to hit the ball
  2. tries to score as may runs as possible
  3. tries to prevent its opponent from making runs
  4. allows a ball hit in the air to bounce once before fielding it
How long is the cricket pitch?
  1. 5 yards
  2. 6 meters
  3. 22 yards
  4. 34 meters
Which of these is part of the wicket?
  1. bail
  2. bat
  3. ball
  4. bowl
How does a team score a run when the ball is hit?

Which of these is true about the crease? (Choose two correct answers)
  1. The crease is the place where a batsman stands when facing a bowler.
  2. The crease is the equipment used to hit the ball.
  3. The crease is the boundary surrounding the entire cricket field.
  4. The crease is the line on the pitch near the wickets over which a batsman must pass to score a run.
A(n)                                is when a bowler bowls six overarm balls, then returns to his fielding duties.
  1. wicket
  2. over
  3. under
  4. run
How many runs are given if the hit ball bounces at least once and then crosses the boundary of the field?
  1. 2
  2. 4
  3. 6
  4. 8
How many runs are given if the batsman hits the ball over the boundary without bouncing?                 
What is a “leg before wicket”?

Which of these results in a batsman being given out? (Choose all the correct answers.)
  1. bowled
  2. caught
  3. stumped
  4. pitched
What is one responsibility of a cricket umpire?

Which of these also results in a run given to the batting team? (Choose all the correct answers.)
  1. when the bowler bowls a "no ball"
  2. when the ball hits a batsman's body
  3. when the batsman is bowled
  4. when the batsman hits his own wicket
Why is cricket popular in many countries that were once part of the British Empire?

Cricket is similar to what other game played on a large field where participants attempt to hit a ball with a bat?                           
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