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Baseball Pitches: The Fastball (Grade 9)

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Baseball Pitches: The Fastball

What are the four main types of fastball?

Which is the fastest and straightest pitch in baseball?
  1. four-seam fastball
  2. two-seam fastball
  3. curveball
  4. changeup
Explain how a four-seam fastball is gripped.

What is the difference between a four-seam fastball and a two-seam fastball?
  1. a four-seamer produces more movement
  2. a two-seamer produces more movement
  3. a two-seamer is faster than a four-seamer
  4. a four-seamer is slower than a two-seamer
Describe the movement produced by a cutter.

Why is the cutter such an effective pitch when correctly placed?

The main characteristic of a splitter is its                                as it nears home plate.
What does it means when a pitch is said to "break"?
  1. The pitch slows down when approaching the plate.
  2. The pitch speeds up when approaching the plate.
  3. The pitch will move sideways or downward.
  4. The pitch travels straight through the strike zone.
Why is the forkball only thrown sparingly?

From what does the splitter get its name?
  1. The pitcher notches a small split in the hide of the ball before throwing it.
  2. The pitcher's two fingers are split on opposite sides of the ball.
  3. The ball has a habit of splitting the bat.
  4. Pitchers do a split as part of the delivery.
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