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Unusual Sports (Grade 5)

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Unusual Sports

Which of these is played with a huge, inflated ball?
  1. bowls
  2. kin-ball
  3. curling
  4. earth-ball
What's different about kin-ball when compared to other team sports?

Kin-ball is only played in a gymnasium.
  1. True
  2. False
In curling, what are the stones, or rocks, made out of?
  1. marble
  2. pumice
  3. granite
  4. slate
The stones slide down a long, thin, strip of ice called the                   .
Why is it obvious that curling is popular in northern countries?

Curling is an olympic sport.
  1. True
  2. False
What is the object of bowls?
  1. to keep your bowls from hitting the jack
  2. to roll your bowls as close to the jack as possible
  3. to roll your bowls as far from the jack as possible without falling off the green
  4. to roll your bowls all the way down the 120-foot green
The                    is the small ball in the game of bowls.
What is the object of toe wrestling?

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