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Paralympic Games (Grade 10)

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Paralympic Games

Name three of the physical disabilities possessed by paralympic athletes.

Who were the first paralympians, and when did they compete?

Athletes from how many nations compete in the Paralympics?
  1. fewer than 50
  2. over 100
  3. over 200
  4. more than 500
Which sport was originally called "murderball"?
  1. goalball
  2. wheelchair rugby
  3. sitting volleyball
  4. boccia
How do players score points in wheelchair rugby?
  1. toss the ball over the goal line
  2. throw the ball to a teammate who is already over the goal line
  3. carry the ball over the other team’s goal line
  4. a point is awarded for every wheelchair a player tips over
Wheelchair rugby rules state a player cannot have possession of the ball for more than                seconds.
What are the key differences between original volleyball and sitting volleyball?

Sitting volleyball players are forbidden to spike the ball.
  1. True
  2. False
Who plays goalball?
  1. visually impaired athletes
  2. athletes who use wheelchairs
  3. athletes who must remain seated on the game floor
  4. hearing-impaired athletes
What do goalball players use to judge the position and movement of the ball?

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