Making Predictions (Grade 3)

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Making Predictions

Nikki and Pablo found a good spot in the park. They spread a blanket on the grass. Then they took lots of food out of their basket. What do the kids probably do next?
  1. play softball
  2. go swimming
  3. eat a picnic lunch
  4. take naps
Jeff looked out the window. It was snowing outside! He asked his mom if he could play outside. When she said he could, Jeff started to put on his snow clothes. Which did Jeff probably put on?
  1. shorts
  2. mittens
  3. sandals
  4. sunglasses
The soccer field was at the top of a hill. On each side, there was a steep slope down. The view was great. If the ball got kicked out of bounds, though, there would be a big problem.

What might happen to the ball next?
  1. It will roll down the hill.
  2. It will go flat.
  3. It will go up a tree.
  4. It will bounce too high.
Mya had just mopped the floor. It was very slippery. Just then, her little brother ran through with his socks on. Mya tried to warn him, but it was too late. What probably happened next?
  1. Mya's brother ate breakfast.
  2. Mya's brother slipped and fell.
  3. Mya took a shower.
  4. Mya mopped the floor.
It was the best play Bobby had ever seen! The story was exciting. All of the actors were very good. When the play was over, Bobby jumped to his feet excitedly. What will Bobby do next?
  1. clap and cheer
  2. boo and hiss
  3. race to the exit
  4. go on stage himself
The puppy ran around the yard looking for his lost bone. He sniffed all over the lawn. When he found the right spot, he started digging. What happened next?
  1. The puppy found his bone.
  2. The puppy looked some more.
  3. The puppy had dinner.
  4. The puppy buried his bone.
Terra put on her swimsuit. Next, she packed her towel and sand toys in a bag. Finally, she put on a hat and some sunscreen. Then she walked out the door. Where did Terra most likely go?
  1. the movies
  2. her grandma's house
  3. the beach
  4. on a nature hike
Yesterday the sun went away, the sky grew dark, big black clouds puffed up in the sky, and the wind began to blow. What do you predict happened next?
  1. It became a sunny day.
  2. It was about to be day time.
  3. A thunderstorm began and it rained.
  4. It was nighttime.
Tim had five candy bars for breakfast, three bags of chips for lunch, and two big pieces of cake for dessert. What do you think will happen next?
  1. He will get a hug from his mother.
  2. He will run outside and play ball.
  3. His stomach will hurt.
  4. His feet will hurt.
Ms. Stevens' third grade class was shouting very loudly in the cafeteria. Ms. Stevens looked angry. What do you predict will happen next?
  1. Ms. Stevens will begin with them.
  2. Ms. Stevens will eat her lunch.
  3. Ms. Stevens will grade a spelling test.
  4. Ms. Stevens will ask them to stop shouting.

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