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Metaphors and Similes (Grade 9)

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Metaphors and Similes

A metaphor:
  1. gives human qualities to non-human things
  2. a comparison using like or as
  3. a comparison using is or was
Which of the following is an example of a metaphor?
  1. He's as lazy as a dog.
  2. My dad won't go hiking, he is a couch potato!
  3. She was as cold as ice.
  4. Her eyes shone like stars in the night.
Identify the type of figurative language used in the following sentence:
The pond was a crystal mirror reflecting the sun's rays on the cold winter's morning.
  1. analogy
  2. alliteration
  3. metaphor
  4. personification
  5. simile
The darkness was a blanket that both smothered and comforted.
  1. Simile
  2. Personification
  3. Irony
  4. Metaphor
A                compares one thing by speaking about it as if it were something else.
  1. simile
  2. metaphor
  3. personification
  4. hyperbole
A metaphor is the opposite of a synonym.
  1. True
  2. False
What is a metaphor?
  1. a comparison of two unlike things using like, as, than, or resembles
  2. a comparison of two unlike things in which one thing is said to be another
  3. giving inanimate objects human qualities
Marcy was a waterfall when her dog was hit by a car. This is an example of a
  1. personification
  2. metaphor
  3. similes
  4. irony
What type of figurative language is being used in the following sentence?

She ran like the wind.
  1. Simile
  2. Metaphor
  3. Personification
If the author writes "the bird glides like a plane in the sky", the author is using which type of figurative language?
  1. metaphor
  2. simile
  3. personification
  4. rhyme
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