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Field Hockey (Grade 4)

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Field Hockey

What do field hockey players hit with their curved sticks?
  1. a puck
  2. a ball
  3. a frisbee
What is the object of field hockey?

How many players are on a field hockey team?
  1. 7
  2. 9
  3. 11
How is a field hockey field like a football field?

Which of these is NOT part of a field hockey player's uniform?
  1. a ball
  2. a mouthguard
  3. shin guards
How are goals scored in field hockey?
  1. The players keep the other team from scoring.
  2. The players hit a ball into their opponent’s goal.
  3. The players hit a ball over their opponents' heads.
What is the TOTAL playing time of a field hockey game?
  1. 35 minutes
  2. 70 minutes
  3. 115 minutes
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