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Football: Receivers and Tight Ends (Grade 8)

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Football: Receivers and Tight Ends

Which player on the offense is most likely the one to get a big yardage gain?
  1. wide receiver
  2. tightend
  3. fullback
  4. lineman
Which of these lines up at the line of scrimmage nearer to the sideline?
  1. flanker
  2. split end
  3. tight end
  4. quarterback
Describe the two-point stance.

When might an offense replace the tight end with a second slot receiver?
  1. in a long-yardage situation
  2. in a short-yardage situation
  3. at the goal line
  4. on first and ten
How many feet must be down in-bounds for a pass to be complete in the the NFL?

The best way to catch a football is with the                    while the arms are                          away from the body.
Which player lines up a yard or so behind the line of scrimmage in the space between the offensive tackle and the wideout?
  1. flanker
  2. tight end
  3. split end
  4. slot receiver
Why does a good receiver use the same stance on every play?

Only a player in the                            is allowed to go in motion before the snap.
Typically, what type of pass does a tight end catch?
  1. long-yardage passes
  2. short-yardage passes
  3. "the Bomb"
  4. Hail Mary passes
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