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Characters and Point of View (Grade 7)

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Characters and Point of View

Supporting characters in a story.
  1. Major characters
  2. Minor characters
  3. Supportive characters
Characters who undergo a change in the story are considered to be                characters.
  1. round
  2. flat
  3. dynamic
  4. static
               is a conversation between characters.
  1. Dialogue
  2. Dialect
  3. Drama
From what perspective is this passage written? Select the correct choice from below.

Then I remembered that it was Tuesday, the day my mother taught an English class at the Y.M.C.A. where my father was the director. Hopefully she could leave just a few minutes early to pick me up so I wasn't late.
  1. First Person - Subjective
  2. Third Person - Objective
  3. First Person - Objective
  4. Third Person - Subjective
                    point of view is told by a character who uses the first person pronoun "I."
  1. second-person
  2. third-person limited
  3. first-person
What point of view is represented in this sentence?

"Add a hat, a hood, goggles, and boots and you're ready."

Self-Help books, directions, and instructions are writing examples from what point of view?
  1. 1st person POV
  2. 2nd person POV
  3. 3rd person POV-objective
  4. 3rd person POV-limited
  5. 3rd person POV-omniscient
When a story is told using First Person Point of View, the narrator is usually a character in the story.
  1. True
  2. False
The people in a work of fiction.
  1. Plot
  2. Setting
  3. Characters
  4. Point of View
  5. Conflict
                                       point of view, the narrator knows and tells about what each character feels and thinks.
  1. Limited Third-Person (Point of View)
  2. First-Person (Point of View)
  3. Omniscient Third-Person (Point of View)
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