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Auto Racing (Grade 4)

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Auto Racing

What is the most popular form of auto racing in North America?
  1. drag racing
  2. stock car racing
  3. formula one racing
How fast do stock cars go?
  1. 120 mph
  2. 175 mph
  3. 300 mph
What shape are the racetracks for the Daytona 500 and the Indianapolis 500?                              
Which of these look most like cars you would see on the street?
  1. drag racers
  2. stock cars
  3. IndyCars
What is the most famous stock car race?
  1. Daytona 500
  2. Indianapolis 500
  3. Monaco Grand Prix
Richard Petty is at the top of the list of most stock car racing wins. If his 200 wins is nearly double the number of wins of the driver who holds second place on that list, about how many wins does the second place driver have?

Which type of car racing takes place on blocked-off regular city streets?
  1. Formula One
  2. stock car
  3. drag racing
What are the two types of open-wheeled racing?

Which race cars go the fastest?
  1. IndyCars
  2. drag racers
  3. stock cars
How long does it take to complete the 500 miles of the Indianapolis 500 race?
  1. 1 hour
  2. 3 hours
  3. 8 hours
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