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Eye of the Storm (Grade 4)

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Eye of the Storm

An effect is why something happens.
  1. True
  2. False
A cause is what happened.
  1. True
  2. False
"Eye of the Storm" is an example of a narrative text.
  1. True
  2. False
Expository text tells about real people, places, and events.
  1. True
  2. False
Tornadoes in the south central United States are most likely to happen in spring.
  1. True
  2. False
Warren Faidley used his computer to get information on tropical storms or hurricanes moving toward North America.
  1. True
  2. False
Warren will fly to a city near the place the storm is expected to arrive.
  1. True
  2. False
Warren thought tornadoes were the only type of storm where he could take pictures of destruction in progress.
  1. True
  2. False
A storm surge is when hurricanes lift water and carry it a long ways inland.
  1. True
  2. False
Hurricane Andrew finally arrived in 1992 at 2:30 a.m.
  1. True
  2. False
Directions: Pick 2 FALSE statements, and make them a TRUE statement.



In "Eye of the Strom," what effect do storm patterns have on the choices Warren makes?

What do you predict that Warren will do first when he arrives on the East Coast? What information supports your prediction?

What can you predict about Hurricane Andrew from the information about wind speeds?

What do you predict that Warren will see after it turns light? Give details from the text to support your prediction and set a purpose for reading on.

What effect do you think Hurricane Andrew had on the lives of the people who lived where the storm hit?

How can you tell that the storm is still happening when Warren leaves the garage?

Storm chasing can be a dangerous job. What other jobs do you know of that are dangerous? Why do you think someone might choose to do one of these jobs?

Directions: Choose the word from the word bank below that best matches each definition.

Word Bank: destruction, expected, forecasts, inland, shatter, surge

1. __________________________________ a swelling motion

2. __________________________________ in or toward the interior

3. __________________________________ statements of what is coming; predictions

4. __________________________________ great damage; ruin

5. __________________________________ to break into pieces suddenly

6. __________________________________ thought something would probably come or happen

Directions: Write present, past, or future to identify the tense of the underlined verb.

1. My family lives in Massachusetts. ______________________________

2. We moved here from Florida last year. __________________________

3. We will miss Florida's warm winters. ___________________________

4. I even liked the hurricanes in Florida. ________________________

Directions: Write the verb in each sentence. Circle the past tense verbs. Underline the future tense verbs.

1. It never snows in Florida. __________________________________

2. She really wants a snowy winter. ____________________________

3. In school we learned about blizzards. _______________________

4. This year I will play in the snow. __________________________

Directions: Use "The Mystery of El Nino" on the following page to answer the questions below.

What is El Nino?

Describe the effects of El Nino.

What causes a change in the flow of the ocean during El Nino? Describe the effects of this change in flow.

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