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Sports of Medieval Europe (Grade 7)

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Sports of Medieval Europe

Which of these uses equipment called a "caman"?
  1. shinty
  2. skittles
  3. colf
  4. jousting
How is shinty similar to field hockey?

How does shinty differ from field hockey?

Which of these was the roughest sport of medieval Europe?
  1. shinty
  2. skittles
  3. colf
  4. gameball
In the middle ages, what was used for the gameball?
  1. a water balloon
  2. a ball made of cork
  3. a stuffed animal bladder
  4. a stuffed teddy bear
Why did King Edward IV ban the sport of gameball in England?
  1. He thought it was too dangerous.
  2. His half-brother Prince Charles was severely injured while playing.
  3. His wife Queen Catherine like jousting instead.
  4. The nobles wouldn't let him play.
Which of these games evolved into indoor ten-pin bowling?
  1. shinty
  2. skittles
  3. colf
  4. gameball
Where might you find a tabletop skittles game in Great Britain today?
  1. at the supermarket
  2. at the library
  3. in a pub
  4. in a church
How is colf similar to golf?

Where was colf mainly played?

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