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Natural Resources (Grade 5)

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Natural Resources

Which of these are examples of natural resources?
  1. Factories, good roads, and a large population
  2. Rich soil, forests, and minerals
  3. Automobiles, dairy farms, and governments
  4. Stores, chemical companies, and clothing factories
Which of the following are NONRENEWABLE sources of energy?
  1. wind, water, sunlight
  2. water, wood, wind
  3. sunlight and water
  4. coal, oil, and natural gas
Burning coal, oil or natural gas releases this gas into the atmosphere.
  1. oxygen
  2. hydrogen
  3. carbon dioxide
When surveyors find oil pockets in the ground, what other fossil fuel most likely will be in the same spot?
  1. Coal
  2. Gasoline
  3. Natural Gas
  4. None of the above
We can reduce our need for fossil fuels by developing
  1. new oil sources.
  2. natural gas lines.
  3. gasoline powered cars.
  4. alternative energy sources.
Most renewable energy originates from                .
  1. fossil fuels
  2. the ground
  3. the Sun
  4. uranium
A change to the environment that has a negative effect on living things is called
  1. a renewable resource.
  2. a nonrenewable resource.
  3. population growth.
  4. pollution.
Conserving wetlands and reducing deforestation will help
  1. protect habitats.
  2. stop air pollution.
  3. slow overpopulation.
  4. eliminate exotic species.
Because conservation means using fewer natural resources and reducing waste, it helps
  1. slow overpopulation and grow food.
  2. prevent habitat destruction and reduce pollution.
  3. prevent biodiversity and destroy species.
  4. stop exotic species and create habitats.
What is the most important reason endangered species should be protected?
  1. People pay a lot of money to visit zoos and see endangered animals.
  2. Protecting endangered species removes pollution from the environment.
  3. Endangered species are viewed as unique by the people in the community.
  4. When any endangered species dies, it affects other animals within the ecosystem.
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