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Rocks (Grade 8)

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Rocks formed from the cooling lava of volcanic eruptions are                  .
  1. igneous rocks
  2. limestone rocks
  3. sedimentary rocks
  4. metamorphic rocks
Which type of rocks are made from small pieces of other rocks?
  1. metamorphic
  2. igneous
  3. sedimentary
What starts the change from an igneous rock to a sedimentary rock?
  1. heat
  2. melting
  3. pressure
  4. weathering
Lava that cools quickly forms                       rocks.
  1. extrusive metamorphic
  2. extrusive igneous
  3. intrusive metamorphic
  4. intrusive igneous
The most likely place to find a fossil is in                 rock.
  1. sedimentary
  2. volcanic
  3. igneous
  4. metamorphic
These types of rocks have changed from one form to another by heat and pressure.
  1. igneous
  2. sedimentary
  3. metamorphic
Which type of rock forms from debris that settles in lakes, streams, or oceans and is squeezed into rock after millions of years by the pressure of water and sediment accumulation?
  1. sedimentary rock
  2. igneous rock
  3. metamorphic rock
Rocks change over time from one type to another. This process is called
  1. type changing.
  2. the rock cycle.
  3. erosion.
  4. melting.
When wind or water breaks a rock into smaller pieces, the process is called
  1. weathering.
  2. hardness.
  3. igneous.
  4. erosion.
What is a sedimentary rock that is a group of pebbles cemented together with pressure and chemicals in the water?
  1. cobalt
  2. granite
  3. obsidian
  4. conglomerate
A classification of metamorphic rocks would include whether they are
  1. chemical or organic.
  2. intrusive or extrusive.
  3. foliated or nonfoliated.
  4. basaltic or granitic.
Coal is considered a
  1. sedimentary rock.
  2. igneous rock.
  3. metamorphic rock.
  4. mineral.
The arrangement of minerals in a rock is called its texture.
  1. True
  2. False
Why is slate sometimes used for shingles for roofs?

What other rocks are used for important purposes in society?

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