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Daylight Saving Time (ES) (Grade 3)

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Daylight Saving Time (ES)

When will we change from Daylight Saving Time to Daylight Standard Time?
  1. in November
  2. in March
  3. in June
Which way do we change the clocks when Daylight Saving Time ends?
  1. forward one hour
  2. forward six hours
  3. back one hour
The idea of Daylight Saving Time started with Benjamin                       .
When did countries start using Daylight Saving Time?
  1. 1776
  2. during World War One
  3. in the 2000's
Why do some people think Daylight Saving Time is a bad idea?
  1. It uses more energy.
  2. It uses less energy.
  3. There are more traffic accidents.
Why do people think Daylight Saving Time is a good idea?
  1. It uses more energy.
  2. It uses less energy.
  3. It makes people feel sad.
When Daylight Saving Time started earlier this year, which way did people set their clocks?
  1. Clocks were moved back one hour.
  2. Clocks were moved ahead one hour.
  3. Clocks were moved ahead eight hours.
Do you like having an extra hour of sunshine at the end of your day in the summer? Tell why or why not.

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