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Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration (Grade 8)

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Speed, Velocity, and Acceleration

Average speed equals:
  1. Distance/Time
  2. Time/Distance
  3. Distance + Time
Velocity is the:
  1. measure of time and distance
  2. measure of space and time
  3. measure of speed that is constant
  4. measure of speed in a certain direction
What information is required in order to measure speed?
  1. time and distance
  2. velocity and time
  3. distance and velocity
  4. momentum and time
This describes how far an object moves during a certain amount of time.
  1. velocity
  2. magnitude
  3. average speed
Acceleration refers to
  1. increasing speed
  2. decreasing speed
  3. changing direction
  4. all of the above
An object will not change its velocity if a force acts upon it.
  1. True
  2. False
What does a car's speedometer measure?
  1. Speed
  2. Velocity
  3. Both
The slope of a distance-time graph correlates to:
  1. acceleration
  2. time
  3. distance
  4. velocity
Calculate the average speed of a bicycle that travels 100 m in 20 s.

If you speed up from rest to 12 m/s in 3 seconds, what is your acceleration?
  1. 4 m
  2. 4 m/s/s
  3. 36 m
  4. 36 m/s
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