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Rise of American Industry and Response (Grade 8)

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Rise of American Industry and Response

Which of these is an essential feature of capitalism?
  1. Government ownership
  2. Price controls
  3. Central planning
  4. Free markets
What is a labor union? Explain why they were formed.

The idea of laissez faire influenced the development of a free enterprise economic system in the United States. What does "laissez faire" mean?
  1. Business should be conducted fairly.
  2. Businesses should set fair prices for their goods.
  3. Governments should have little to do with the economy.
  4. Government should impose rules to ensure fairness in business.
In 1886                 helped start the American Federation of Labor.
  1. Jane Addams
  2. Samuel Gompers
  3. Michael Jackson
"The Wizard of Oz" is thought by some to be an allegory using which political point of view?
  1. populist
  2. socialist
  3. democratic
  4. communist
Who put together the populist party?
  1. millionaires and big business
  2. farmers and agricultural workers
  3. popular people
  4. Wizard of Oz
Who was the Populist candidate for president?
  1. Jim Crow
  2. James Garfield
  3. William Jennings Bryan
  4. the Tinman
What political machine dominated New York City's government in the 19th century?

Name two famous "Captains of Industry."

After the                , the Federal Reserve System was created to stabilize the banking system.
  1. Civil War
  2. Panic of 1907
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