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The Civil War (Grade 4)

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The Civil War

The Civil War, or the "War Between the States", started in                .
  1. 1761
  2. 1861
  3. 1961
  4. 2001
The Civil War had two sides, the name of these sides were:
  1. The North and the Union
  2. The South and the Confederacy
  3. The East and the West
  4. The North and the South
Many free black men and former slaves fought for the Union Army in the Civil War.
  1. True
  2. False
Lincoln was assassinated while in the Civil War.
  1. True
  2. False
Mark all of the things that helped the Union (North) to win the Civil War.
  1. Many railroads
  2. Lots of large plantations
  3. Big industries to make guns and other things for war
  4. More paved roads and canal ways
  5. More slaves
After the Civil War ended, the government wrote the 13th Amendment which ended                      in the United States forever.
How was the South affected by the end of the Civil War?
  1. Southerners rejected slavery
  2. Farms, homes, and businesses were in ruins
  3. The South asked to rejoin the United States
  4. Many African Americans ran for political office
Mark the reasons why many African-Americans moved to the North after the Civil War.
  1. For better job opportunities.
  2. To escape segregation and discrimination.
  3. For the free land being given away.
  4. To get a better education.
  5. To be as close to Canada as possible.
Life was difficult for former slaves after the Civil War because they
  1. could not serve on a jury or vote
  2. had to pay new taxes
  3. had to live on reservations
  4. owned no land and had no homes
The period of time when the southern states were brought back to the Union is the                  .
  1. Civil War
  2. Black Codes
  3. Freedmen's Bureau
  4. Reconstruction
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