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The Great Depression and the New Deal (Grade 5)

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The Great Depression and the New Deal

Who was the president at the beginning of the "Great Depression?"
  1. John F. Kennedy
  2. Herbert Hoover
  3. Richard Nixon
  4. Woodrow Wilson
Which of the following are NOT one of the causes of the Great Depression?
  1. unequal distribution of income
  2. easy credit
  3. the Dust Bowl
  4. crisis in the farm sector
Which event signaled the beginning of the Great Depression?
  1. Charles Lindbergh's non-stop flight over the Atlantic
  2. crash of the New York stock exchange
  3. election of Franklin D. Roosevelt
  4. the purchase of Alaska
Which statement is true about American culture during the Great Depression?
  1. The Federal Government provided money to support the arts
  2. Most movies featured realistic themes and unhappy endings
  3. Rock-n-roll music became popular
  4. Interest in professional sports declined
Which of the following correctly pairs the event with its corresponding date?
  1. Beginning of the Dust Bowl - 1920
  2. End of World War I - 1928
  3. Stock Market Crash - 1929
  4. End of Great Depression - 1930
What was the New Deal?
  1. It allowed the purchase of New Mexico.
  2. It was a series of programs that gave more power to the courts.
  3. A series of social, economic, and governmental reforms
A major result of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal was
  1. a decline in the Federal deficit
  2. an increase of the power of the Federal Government
  3. a change in the voting rights of women
  4. returning of the gold standard for the United States currency
A lasting result of the New Deal in the United States has been the...
  1. reduction of the national debt
  2. control of stock prices by the Federal Government
  3. joint effort of business and labor to strengthen the Presidency
  4. the Federal Government taking greater responsibility for the nation's well-being
The New Deal program that provided old-age insurance was the
  1. Tennessee Valley Authority
  2. Securities Exchange Act
  3. Social Security Act
  4. Civilian Conservation Corps.
It is hard to measure the results of the New Deal in the ending of the Great Depression because
  1. President Franklin D. Roosevelt died
  2. the United States entered World War II
  3. the Supreme Court declared the New Deal unconstitutional
  4. later Presidents failed to support most New Deal reforms
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