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Types of Triangles (Grade 9)

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Types of Triangles

Which of these is not a type of triangle?
  1. acute
  2. hypotenuse
  3. isosceles
  4. obtuse
An equilateral triangle MUST have
  1. all sides that are the same length.
  2. no sides that are the same length.
  3. at least two sides that are the same length.
  4. no angles that are the same size.
A scalene triangle has
  1. three equal sides.
  2. three uneven sides.
  3. two equal sides.
  4. two square corners.
Which type of triangle has 2 sides that are the same length?
  1. isosceles
  2. scalene
  3. equilateral
  4. congruent
The triangle can best be described as
Right Triangle ABC v1
  1. an acute triangle.
  2. a right triangle.
  3. an obtuse triangle.
All of the sides of this triangle are equal. What kind of a triangle is this?
Equilateral Triangle v2
  1. scalene
  2. isosceles
  3. equilateral
  4. right triangle
This triangle has no congruent sides. What kind of a triangle is this?
Acute Triangle v3
  1. isosceles
  2. equilateral
  3. scalene
Side AB = 30 cm, Side BC = 30 cm, Side AC = 20 cm. What kind of a triangle is this?
Isosceles Triangle ABC v1
  1. isosceles
  2. right triangle
  3. scalene
  4. equilateral
How many acute angles can an isosceles triangle have?

Describe the 3 types of triangles (by side length).

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