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Early Man (Grade 6)

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Early Man

Nomads lived in one place for many years.
  1. True
  2. False
Archaeologists are scientists who study living things.
  1. True
  2. False
For what reasons did Asian cross the land bridge to the Americas?
  1. Warmer climates and more vegetation
  2. Better housing
  3. Following source of food, clothing and shelter
A skilled worker, one who can create objects of beauty or usefulness by hand and by using tools.
  1. anthropologist
  2. archaeologist
  3. artisan
An archaeologist is
  1. a person who studies bones, tools, and people from the past.
  2. one who sails a ship with square and triangular sails.
  3. someone who breeds plants and tames animals.
Domestication refers to the process of:
  1. Turning wild animal tame
  2. The cleaning of houses
  3. The preserving of food
Most early Nomads found their food by                      and                         
                are any objects -- such as pots, baskets, jewelry, weapons, or tools -- made by people in the past.

Language, dress, stories, food, music and dance are part of everyone's
  1. culture
  2. government
  3. education system
Letters, tools, eyewitness accounts, and photographs are different types of                  .
  1. oral histories.
  2. secondary sources
  3. primary sources
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