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Making Inferences (Grade 8)

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Making Inferences

An egg is laid. A caterpillar hatches from the egg and constantly eats flowers and leaves. It turns into a pupa and rests inside of a cocoon.
You can guess that                                                  .
  1. a butterfly will come out of the cocoon
  2. a bird will come by and disturb it
  3. the caterpillar will come out when it gets hungry
Olivia was practicing her flute. She kept checking the time. She constantly stared at her neighbors playing baseball.
You can guess that Olivia                              .
  1. thinks time is flying
  2. is performing for an audience
  3. would rather be outside
Mr. Burns is talking to Dad about a large tree that is dying. After they are finished, Mr. Burns ties a rope to the tree. Then he starts his chainsaw.
You can guess that Mr. Burns is a                          .
  1. Teacher
  2. Athlete
  3. Man from the tree service
Our family raises honeybees. This spring one of our ten hives was destroyed. Recently, a bear was sighted in our neighborhood.

You can guess that
  1. the bear destroyed the hive.
  2. the bees swarmed.
  3. a storm destroyed the hive.
The family dog hid behind the sofa as a storm roared outside. There was lightning and thunder. The dog whimpered each time it heard the thunder. Dad tried to coax the dog out, but it wasn't going anywhere.
You can guess that                                  .
  1. Dad was afraid of storms
  2. The dog was playing hide and seek
  3. Storms made the dog afraid
Making inferences from a reading selection is also called                                       .
  1. dangling modifiers
  2. drawing conclusions
  3. acting out
  4. drawing pictures
You are inferring when you
  1. make a forecast of what will happen in the future.
  2. develop an imaginative way to solve a problem.
  3. explain or interpret the things you observe.
  4. draw a conclusion about your hypothesis.
Video gaming is one of the largest industries in America. Each day more and more children are getting addicted to video games. There have been many video game opponents accusing the industry of becoming too violent. It is not uncommon to play a shoot 'em up game where ten people are getting killed every minute. Yet, despite pressures of society to eliminate violent video games, as each day passes, more gamers are getting hooked.

What conclusions can you draw about the video game industry?
  1. As time goes on more and more children will play video games
  2. As time goes on the video game industry will lose money
  3. As time goes on more parents will prevent their children from playing violent video games
  4. As time goes on, pressure to make games less violent will decrease the number of shooting games
He had always wanted to serve his country, but this seemed like madness. He was supposed to fight a war in a foreign land, helping to protect people whom he didn't even know. Michael had a strong sense of patriotism, but he was worried about the bombs, death, and carnage that could await him in Iraq. He pondered whether he would ever see his family again.

What conclusions can you draw about how Michael is feeling about going to war?
  1. He feels proud of his country
  2. He is looking forward to the challenge of being in the military
  3. He is afraid of going into battle
  4. He regrets joining the military
An author does not tell you everything directly. Instead, they imply or hint at meanings or ideas. This reading strategy is called
  1. Reading comprehension
  2. Author's purpose
  3. Making Inferences
  4. Summarizing

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