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Ancient Egypt (Grade 6)

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Ancient Egypt

Why did Egypt grow massive wealth from the lands around the Nile?
  1. The Nile flooded predictably depositing silt and rich clay for better and bigger farming
  2. The Nile had predictable flooding, but they could not travel up the Nile very well
  3. Egyptians used fertilizer which deposited on the shores and made crops grow larger
  4. The Nile was centrally located along major trade routes
Why has Egypt been called the "gift of the Nile"?
  1. The Nile gave them gold and silver
  2. The Nile River gave them everything they needed to survive.
  3. the Egyptians took gifts to the Nile
Which of the following accomplishments did King Menes achieve?
  1. To commission the building of the Great Pyramids at Giza
  2. Changed the religion from Monotheism to Polytheism
  3. Unified both Upper and Lower Egypt into one kingdom
  4. Married Cleopatra saving Egypt from Roman control
What was the material used to make paper in Ancient Egypt?
  1. bamboo
  2. pine
  3. lotus
  4. papyrus
Ancient Egyptians used                                  as their system of writing.
Pyramids were built so Egyptians could...
  1. protect their king in the after-life(safe-guard their soul)
  2. To decorate Egypt with beauty
  3. To make sure any person could live on forever
What is irrigation?

What are the contributions of the Ancient Egyptians?(name at least two)

          the life force or spirit that stays with the body through out life.
The archaeologists discovered an empty sarcophagus deep within the tomb. They were disappointed because Egyptian burial sites often contained well-preserved mummies.

What is the meaning of the word sarcophagus in the selection above?
  1. a robe
  2. a stone coffin
  3. a small jar
  4. a beetle

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