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Imperialism (Grade 9)

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As industries in the colonies grew, the Europeans had a great need for
  1. goods
  2. customers
  3. merchandise
  4. labor
At what meeting were the African territories divided among the colonists?
  1. Congress of Vienna
  2. Berlin Conference
  3. Estates General
  4. Columbian Exchange
Four of Africa's natural resources are:

Which of the following is not a reason the Boer War was fought?
  1. Gold and diamonds were discovered by the British.
  2. The British wanted to control the land.
  3. The Boers were defending their land.
  4. The British wanted to use the Boer people as slaves.
In 1853 the Japanese were forced to open trade privileges by
  1. the United Kingdom
  2. the United States
  3. China
  4. Portugal
How did Meiji leaders modernize Japan?

The Boxer Rebellion of 1899 was between
  1. the Qing and British
  2. Sun Yat-sen and the Qing
  3. Korea and Japan
  4. the Chinese and all foreigners
The Opium War was important to the British because
  1. they wanted to continue selling Opium to the Chinese for silver
  2. it was a step towards taking over the Chinese coast
  3. port cities in China were wanted by the British
  4. they wanted access to more silks and porcelain
The Russo-Japanese War of 1904 was fought over
  1. China and Japan
  2. Mongolia and the Meiji
  3. Korea and Manchuria
  4. port rights in Hong Kong
Why were the British interested in controlling Egypt?

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