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Circuits (Grade 8)

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A device for making or breaking a connection in a circuit is a                   .
Most circuits in your home are connected in                       .
In a circuit schematic, this symbol would represent a power source.
  1. True
  2. False
This diagram represents a series circuit.
Resistors in Parallel
  1. True
  2. False
In a circuit schematic, this symbol would represent a(n)                        .
Switch Open
  1. open switch
  2. closed switch
  3. fluorescent light bulb
  4. incandescent light bulb
The symbol shown below could be used to represent a                 in a circuit schematic.
Single Cell
  1. wire
  2. switch
  3. single cell
  4. resistor
When one bulb goes out, the other bulbs remain lit in a(n)                 .
  1. open circuit
  2. closed circuit
  3. series circuit
  4. parallel circuit
What does the A in the circle best represent in the circuit schematic?
Schematic of a Circuit
  1. a device that lights up in the circuit
  2. a device that resists electrical current
  3. a device that opens or closes the electrical circuit
  4. a device that measures the electric current of the circuit
Which of the following best describes the circuit diagram?
Series Circuit
  1. open circuit in series
  2. closed circuit in series
  3. open circuit in parallel
  4. closed circuit in parallel
Describe the circuit below as completely as possible. Be sure to include the type of circuit the schematic represents as well as the name and purpose of each of its parts.
Schematic of a Circuit

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