Solving Problems with Pictographs (Grade 1)

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Solving Problems with Pictographs

The number and type of snacks that the students in Ms. Hughes' class ate on Friday are shown.

Apples AppleAppleApple
Carrots CarrotCarrot
Pears PearPearPear
Muffins Muffin

How many total snacks were eaten by the class on Friday?
  1. 3
  2. 5
  3. 7
  4. 9
During a soccer game, Dylan's team scored 3 goals and Sophia's team scored 5 goals. Which of the following shows how many MORE goals Sophia's team scored than Dylan's team?
  1. Soccer BallSoccer Ball
  2. Soccer BallSoccer BallSoccer Ball
  3. Soccer BallSoccer BallSoccer BallSoccer Ball
  4. Soccer BallSoccer BallSoccer BallSoccer BallSoccer Ball
Pretzel = 2 pretzels sold at a bakery.
Which of the following equals 6 pretzels sold at the bakery?
  1. Pretzel
  2. PretzelPretzel
  3. PretzelPretzelPretzel
  4. PretzelPretzelPretzelPretzelPretzelPretzel
Jayla asked her friends which sport they liked to play best: soccer, softball, or basketball. The number of Jayla's friends that picked each sport is shown.

Soccer Soccer BallSoccer BallSoccer Ball

Which sport was picked most by Jayla's friends as their favorite?
  1. soccer
  2. softball
  3. basketball
Carlos had 6 apples.


He gave 2 apples to Taylor and 1 apple to Ella.
How many apples does Carlos have left?
  1. Apple
  2. AppleApple
  3. AppleAppleApple
  4. AppleAppleAppleApple

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