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Inferring (Grade 5)

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Some artists plan their paintings around geometric forms like squares, circles and triangles.

We can infer that geometric forms refer to the                 of an object.
  1. size
  2. shape
  3. color
  4. painting
Automobiles must have certain safety devices such as seat belts, headlights, and good brakes.

We can infer that a safety device is something that makes driving                .
  1. safer
  2. faster
  3. more fun
  4. lighter
What can you infer from this statement?

Trees are blown over, the ditches are full of rain water, homes are flooded and the electricity is off.
  1. There was a big party at your house yesterday.
  2. There was a hurricane.
  3. There was a snowstorm.
  4. It was a sunny day.
Joseph and Caitlin were choosing the players for their teams. It was Caitlin's turn to choose, and only Jason was left.
Caitlin said, "Jason."

We can infer that                                  .
  1. Jason was the best player.
  2. Caitlin wanted Jason on her team.
  3. Jason was not a very good player.
Randy was busy helping his mother clean up the house after the party. He swept the floor, he took out the trash, and he put away all of his toys.

What can you infer about Randy?
  1. Randy has lots of friends.
  2. Randy is helpful.
  3. Randy is selfish.

What can you "infer" by reading the passage below?

"I hate the idea of having all those people out there watching me...I just don't like it when I'm around so many people. I wish I just could hide somewhere," whispered Violet.
  1. Violet can be a mean girl
  2. Violet can be somewhat inhibited
  3. Violet is probably somewhat shy and introverted
The new girl was at her locker when the quarterback walked by. She blushed when he looked her way and quickly turned back to her locker so he wouldn't see how red her cheeks were.

What can you infer from this scenario?
  1. Running hard at PE made her cheeks red.
  2. The new girl was sick.
  3. The new girl likes the quarterback.
  4. The new girl is the quarterback's girlfriend.
Many breeds of dogs are used for work. In many cultures dogs are used to herd sheep. The dogs keep the flock from being attacked by animals such as wolves. They also keep sheep from wandering off. Sheepdogs are known for their loyalty and gentleness.

Based on your reading of the text, you can INFER or CONCLUDE that:
  1. Sheepdogs are not very smart dogs.
  2. Sheepdogs are gentle and loyal.
  3. There are many breeds of dogs.
  4. Wolves are afraid of sheepdogs.
What can the reader infer is the author's message in the following passage:
"They were not a handsome family; they were not well dressed; their shoes were far from waterproof; their clothes were scanty...but they were happy, grateful, pleased with one another, and contented with the time..."
  1. although the family is poor, they are also foolish and they deserve what they get
  2. although the family is poor, they are also cruel and vicious to others
  3. although the family is poor, they are also rich in love and gratitude
  4. although the family is wealthy, they are lacking in love
Due to their incredible force and unpredictability, floods can cause tremendous damage. They can ruin houses, roads and buildings. Floods can take down trees and cause mudslides. Floods often leaves mud, sand and debris behind. It can take months to clean up after a flood.

Based on what you have read, you can INFER or CONCLUDE that:
  1. Cleaning up after a flood can be expensive and take time.
  2. Floods only occur along the coast.
  3. Floods are not that dangerous.
  4. After flood waters dry up, the problem is over.
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