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People in Social Studies (Grade 7)

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People in Social Studies

What kind of scientist studies fossils of animals, plants, and humans?
  1. paleontologist
  2. geologist
  3. archaeologist
A social scientist who studies humankind and human cultures is an
  1. anthropologist
  2. archaeologist
  3. artisan
An archaeologist is
  1. a person who studies bones, tools, and people from the past.
  2. one who sails a ship with square and triangular sails.
  3. someone who breeds plants and tames animals.
                are any objects -- such as pots, baskets, jewelry, weapons, or tools -- made by people in the past.

What is oral history?
  1. history that has passed on though songs and stories instead of being written down
  2. history of the teeth of every member of a family
  3. an audio recording of someone reading a history book
Someone who makes maps is a
  1. cartographer.
  2. geologist.
  3. anthropologist.
Archaeologists examine                          , historians examine                          .
  1. writings/ cave art
  2. documents/ excavations
  3. artifacts/ written records
A record of the past is
  1. culture.
  2. history.
  3. artifact.
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