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Permutations (Grade 9)

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Instructions: Solve each of the following permutation problems. Be sure to show all work.

Sam is planting tomato plants in his vegetable garden. He has 5 plants he wants to plant in a row. How many different ways can Sam plant his tomatoes side-by-side?

Lilia registers to take 7 classes freshman year. Each class is available during each of the 7 periods of the school day. How many different ways can Lilia's classes be arranged?

How many ways can 4 letters of the word NUMBER be arranged?

A physics classroom has 10 desks. If there are 6 students in AP Physics class, how many different ways can the students choose desks?

How many 5-digit numbers can be written using all of the digits listed below?

3, 3, 8, 8, 9

How many 10-letter permutations are there for the word elementary?

A card game has 10 cards to pick from. If cards are matched in twos, how many different pairs of cards can be matched?

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