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A Lesson Before Dying (Grade 10)

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A Lesson Before Dying

Grant says there is only one person that keeps him going back to Jefferson's cell. Who is it?
  1. Tante Lou
  2. Miss Emma
  3. Vivian
  4. God
What was the name of the place Grant liked to go to when he didn't want to be home?
  1. Rainbow Club
  2. Neon Cowboy
  3. church
  4. Hooters
What was the deputy's name who served with Sheriff Guidry?
  1. Bob
  2. Austin
  3. Vickie
  4. Paul
The last thing Miss Emma wants before she passes away is...
  1. To see Jefferson
  2. Jefferson to be let off as innocent
  3. For Jefferson to walk to the chair as a man
When Miss Emma visited Jefferson, what would she bring him?
  1. Food and clothes
  2. Money
  3. A radio
  4. Just her company
What kind of Christmas tree did the children bring in the year before?
  1. None of the below
  2. Apple
  3. Pine
  4. Oak
How long were visitors allowed in the jail cell with Jefferson?
  1. A half hour
  2. One and a half hours
  3. One hour
  4. Two hours
What bothered Miss Emma while sitting at the table?
  1. The name Jefferson was called
  2. The death sentence
  3. White people
  4. She was hungry
Grant goes to Bayonne to see...
  1. Vivian
  2. Miss Emma
  3. Tante Lou
  4. Inez
Who sent for Grant because Mr.Sam was coming at five?
  1. Estelle
  2. Joe
  3. Inez
  4. Mr.Henri
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