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The Tell-Tale Heart (Grade 8)

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The Tell-Tale Heart

Who is the author of "The Tell-Tale Heart"?
  1. Charles Dickens
  2. Edgar Allen Poe
  3. Ebenezer Scrooge
  4. Jacob Marley
What is the genre/subgenre of "A Tell-Tale Heart?"
  1. fiction/adventure
  2. fiction/short story
  3. non-fiction/biography
  4. fiction/fantasy
In the "Tell-Tale Heart", the beating heart is a symbol of the narrator's:
  1. fear
  2. passion
  3. guilt
  4. humor
The narrator claims repeatedly that he is not:
  1. hungry
  2. anxious
  3. mad
  4. happy
What effect is Poe creating by having the narrator watch the old man sleep for eight days before carrying out his plan?
  1. irony
  2. suspense
  3. establishing motive
  4. none of the above
The narrator's claim of sanity lies in the fact that he can tell his story so                 .
  1. quickly
  2. calmly
  3. slowly
  4. enthusiastically
What is the mood at the beginning of the story?
  1. joy
  2. curiosity
  3. sadness
  4. panic
The narrator looked on the old man each night for 6 nights before choosing to kill him.
  1. True
  2. False
On the eighth night, the narrator awakens the old man. What happens next?
  1. The narrator immediately carries out his plan
  2. The old man sits awake in fear for many hours.
  3. The narrator finds himself consoling the old man and gets him back to sleep.
  4. none of the above
Why were the police sent to the house?
  1. someone had seen the narrator
  2. a shriek was heard
  3. an argument was heard
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