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What Element Am I? (Grade 6)

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What Element Am I?

Instructions: Use the clues to name the element. Write the name of the element on the blank line.


Clue #1 - I am a 2nd period element
Clue #2 - I can make graphite
Clue #3 - I am a nonmetal
Clue #4 - I have 4 electrons in my outer shell

Clue #1 - I react violently with water.
Clue #2 - I have a greater atomic mass number than lithium.
Clue #3 - I am a soft, silver colored solid.
Clue #4 - I have 4 electron shells.

What element am I?

Clue #1 - I am an actinide.
Clue #2 - I am a synthetic element.
Clue #3 - I have 99 protons.
Clue #4 - I am named after a famous scientist.

What element am I?

Clue #1 - I am a noble gas.
Clue #2 - I glow blue when an electric current is applied.
Clue #3 - I am the third most abundant gas that makes up air.
Clue #4 - I have 18 electrons.

What element am I?

Clue #1 - I am a transition metal.
Clue #2 - My Latin name is "argentum."
Clue #3 - I have an atomic mass greater than palladium.
Clue #4 - I am located in period 5.

What element am I?

Choose an element and write four "What am I?" clues for your element.

Clue #1 -

Clue #2 -

Clue #3 -

Clue #4 -

What element am I?

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