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Basketball Strategies (Grade 7)

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Basketball Strategies

Which position on the court usually controls the offense?
  1. Center
  2. Shooting guard
  3. Forward
  4. Point guard
When dribbling, a players eyes should be focused
  1. downward, in order to control the ball
  2. downward, in order to see the feet of an opponent
  3. forward, in order to see the floor and open teammates
  4. forward, in order to alternate hands quickly
What pass gives the best control and therefore is the most accurate?
  1. chest pass
  2. one handed
  3. cross court
  4. lob pass
What is the correct position to guard an opponent?
  1. Face the opponent rather than the ball
  2. Guarding as close to the opponent as possible
  3. Playing the opponent slightly to the right
  4. Stay between the opponent and the basket
What three options do you have when in the triple threat position?

What is the most important thing to do in the full court press?
  1. Don't allow penetration
  2. Pressure the ball
  3. Rotate quickly
  4. All of the above
The defensive strategy where everyone guards an area instead of a player is called
  1. man-to-man
  2. offense
  3. zone
  4. pivoting
A give and go is a play where, after passing to a teammate, the passer quickly cuts towards the basket to receive the ball back from his teammate for a lay-up.
  1. True
  2. False
An opponent has their arms up on defense. What type of pass should the offensive player should use?
  1. two handed overhead pass
  2. chest pass
  3. lob pass
  4. bounce pass
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