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Respiratory System (Grade 8)

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Respiratory System

Breathing occurs in a predictable series of steps. First, air flows from the                        or                  through the                                      (which is located at the back of the throat). Then, the air moves through the                      , a long pipe like structure, to the                      where the air is further moved to the location where gas transfer occurs, the                       , small air sacs located in the lungs.
What word best describes the function of the trachea?
  1. pumping station
  2. entrance point
  3. muscle
  4. passageway
What is the tube that connects the mouth and stomach?
  1. epiglottis
  2. trachea
  3. esophagus
  4. appendix
The membrane on the surface of the lungs is the
  1. epidermis.
  2. sagittal plane.
  3. visceral pleura.
  4. cell membrane.
The increasingly smaller airways branching off into the lungs are the
  1. air sacs.
  2. bronchial tubes.
  3. capillaries.
  4. alveoli.
What are the bubble-shaped sacs in the lungs where gas exchange takes place?
  1. capillaries
  2. bronchial tubes
  3. alveoli
  4. throat
When a human inhales, the air pressure in the chest cavity
  1. remains the same, allowing both pressures to be equal.
  2. increases, allowing the lungs to expand.
  3. decreases, allowing outside air to flow into the lungs.
  4. does not change, as there is no air pressure in the cavity.
Where does the transfer of oxygen into the bloodstream take place?
  1. heart
  2. trachea
  3. alveoli
  4. nasal passages
How can one prevent emphysema, a well-known lung disease?
  1. by maintaining a healthy diet
  2. by exercising consistently
  3. by abstaining from smoking
  4. by taking vitamins
What is the function of the respiratory system?

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