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Photosynthesis (Grade 9)

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Photosynthesis is
  1. the green material in plants that traps energy from sunlight and uses it to break down water molecules into atoms of hydrogen and oxygen.
  2. the growth tissue that produces the xylem and phloem.
  3. the process by which green plants use chemicals from the environment and energy from the Sun to make their own food.
Photosynthesis is an instance of
  1. homeostasis.
  2. reproduction.
  3. metabolism.
  4. growth and development.
  5. cell structure.
The first step in photosynthesis is the
  1. absorption of light energy.
  2. synthesis of water.
  3. production of oxygen.
  4. formation of ATP.
In a typical plant, which factor is NOT necessary for photosynthesis?
  1. chlorophyll
  2. light
  3. oxygen
  4. carbon dioxide
In photosynthesis, water undergoes                     , while carbon dioxide undergoes                     .
  1. oxidation; reduction
  2. reduction; oxidation
  3. no change; oxidation
  4. none of the above
Oxygen made during photosynthesis results from the
  1. absorption of light.
  2. splitting of water molecules.
  3. mitochondrial membranes.
  4. splitting of carbon dioxide molecules.
Many plants are excellent at photosynthesis because they
  1. have few mesophyll cells in their leaves.
  2. are equipped with many leaves that have many mesophyll cells, which in turn have many chloroplasts.
  3. are able to transform light energy into heat energy for cellular work.
  4. can carry out photosynthesis in their roots, stems, flowers as well as their leaves.
  5. produce an abundant supply of oxygen that is an important input for photosynthesis.
What is the equation for photosynthesis?

Many people say that people depend on plants as much as plants depend on people. Using your knowledge of cellular respiration and photosynthesis, explain why this statement is true.

Draw a picture of a chloroplast. Be sure to label the parts that are significant to photosynthesis and give me a brief explanation of each part.

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