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Magnetism (Grade 8)

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If you break a magnet in two, you get
  1. one north magnet and one south magnet.
  2. two demagnetized pieces of metal.
  3. two smaller magnets.
  4. two magnets each with only one pole.
The units which can align to create a magnet are called                .
  1. domains
  2. magnetic units
  3. molecules
  4. electrons
The                      are regions where the magnetic force exerted by a magnet is strongest.
  1. anodes
  2. magnetic poles
  3. magnetic field lines
  4. cathodes
Magnetic fields are created by
  1. magnetic field lines.
  2. potential energy of molecules.
  3. spinning neutrons.
  4. moving electric charges.
Magnetic field lines
  1. never cross.
  2. cross at the north pole.
  3. cross at the south pole.
  4. cross halfway between the poles.
Magnetic field lines that curve away from each other show                                      .
  1. where the magnetic field is strongest
  2. a magnetic domain
  3. repulsion
  4. attraction
A magnetic field with the same orientation as Earth's field is said to have                 polarity.
  1. reverse
  2. combined
  3. normal
  4. isochronal
You accidentally drop a permanent magnet on the floor during science lab. Which of the following would be most likely occur?
  1. The magnetism may weaken.
  2. The magnetism may strengthen.
  3. The magnet may reverse its poles.
Iron is a magnetic material, but an iron nail does not behave like a magnet because
  1. its magnetic domains are aligned.
  2. it contains too few magnetic domains.
  3. the atoms in the iron exert a force on all the other atoms.
  4. its magnetic domains are arranged randomly.
Which of the following is NOT a method for making a magnet out of a metal which has the ability to be magnetized?
  1. by striking the metal
  2. by exposing the metal to another magnet
  3. by super radiating the metal
  4. by running electricity through a coil wrapped around the iron
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