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Work and Power (Grade 9)

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Work and Power

What is power?
  1. the strength of someone or something
  2. the force that is used
  3. the work that is done
  4. the rate at which work is done
Which of the following best describes the concept of work?
  1. a force applied to an object
  2. a force moves an object through a distance
  3. the transformation of energy
  4. the rate at which energy is transformed
What is the unit for work?
  1. joule
  2. joule per second
  3. newton
  4. watt
One watt equals one                 .
  1. newton
  2. newton-meter
  3. meter per second
  4. joule per second
How much power is needed to complete 150 Joules of work in 40 seconds?
  1. 3.75 (3 3/4) watts
  2. 600 watts
  3. 14 watts
A weightlifter holds an 800-newton barbell over his head at a height of 6 meters. How much work does the weight lifter do on the barbell?
  1. 0 J
  2. 0 W
  3. 4,800 J
  4. 4,800 W
A mover pushes a 1700 N piano up a 4 meter ramp. How much work is done by the mover? Be sure to show work and label units.

How much work is done when an engine generates 400 watts of power in 25 seconds? Show work and label units.

Define the work-energy theorem in your own words.

Foster usually walks up three flights of stairs to his physics class without getting tired. However on Monday, he is late for class and decides to run up the three flights of stairs. Although he did not run for a long period of time and traveled the same distance as normal, Foster feels more tired at the top of the stairs than on the days he walks. Use the concept of power to explain why he feels more tired.

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