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Pressure (Grade 10)

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P=F/A is the equation used to determine fluid pressure. If pressure remains constant and area increases, what will happen to the force?
  1. Force will increase.
  2. Force will decrease.
  3. Force will remain constant.
  4. Force is not a factor.
What is air pressure?
  1. force exerted on us by wind
  2. force exerted on us by air molecules
  3. force exerted on us by clouds
  4. force exerted on us by gravity
Where is air pressure the least?
  1. at sea level
  2. in a car
  3. in the base of a mountain
  4. on the top of a mountain
Fluid pressure is always directed
  1. up.
  2. down.
  3. sideways.
  4. in all directions.
Boyle's law states that as the pressure of a gas increases, its
  1. volume increases.
  2. temperatures increases.
  3. volume decreases.
  4. temperature decreases.
Whose principle states the pressure exerted by a moving stream of fluid is less than the pressure of the surrounding fluid?
  1. Bernoulli
  2. Pascal
  3. Archimedes
A gas is compressed at constant temperature from a volume of 540 ml to 320 ml. If the initial pressure was 475 mmHg, what is the final pressure in mmHg?

What is a pressure of 1.20 atmospheres as expressed in millimeters of mercury (mmHg)?

The xenon gas inside the bulb of a car headlight has a pressure of 2.00 ATM at a temperature of 300 K. If the temperature of the gas rises to 1200 K when the headlights are switched on, what will be the new pressure inside the bulb?

A gas has a volume of 350 cc at 740 mmHg. How many cubic centimeters will the gas occupy at a pressure of 900 mmHG if the temperature remains constant?

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