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Context Clue Sentences (Grade 5)

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Context Clue Sentences

My sister is a HYPOCHONDRIAC because she thinks she needs crutches for a bruised knee.

Based on the sentence above, what does HYPOCHONDRIAC mean?
  1. person who overreacts to medical issues
  2. person who is weird
  3. person who has problems
  4. person who likes cheese
The maze was the most INTRICATE one she had ever seen, with hundreds of loops and turns.

Based on the sentence, what does intricate mean?
  1. complicated
  2. powerful
  3. boring
  4. pleasant
  5. common
Fill in the blank with an appropriate word.

The baby was                         in his goal; he was willing to try his best to eat the entire watermelon!
Humans cannot SUBSIST on bread alone; they also need water or they will die.

What does the word "subsist" mean?
  1. be happy
  2. be satisfied
  3. survive
  4. succeed
After the tornado,                 was strewn all over town.
  1. rounding
  2. debris
  3. adapt
  4. impact
We experienced a sudden                 a few hours after the first earthquake.
  1. jolt
  2. fault
  3. shuddered
  4. impact
Mr. Huge was very proud of his auto superstore. "We have such an EXTENSIVE selection of cars," he said, "So everyone should find a vehicle that he or she will love!"

What does the word EXTENSIVE mean?
  1. costing a lot of money
  2. large amount
  3. having no color
  4. not enough
The wedding was an                 event.
  1. extravagant
  2. jolt
  3. shuddered
  4. nomad
The archaeologist found a Revolutionary War                 in the dig site by my house.
  1. fault
  2. debris
  3. upheaval
  4. artifact
A                 tries to help his/her clients get decisions in their favor.
  1. Lawyer
  2. Defendant
  3. Judge
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