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Mixed Vocabulary Practice (Grade 4)

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Mixed Vocabulary Practice

If I DISCARD a book, I
  1. read it again.
  2. write an essay on it.
  3. write my name in it.
  4. give it away.
Choose which word or words go in the blank.
Eight of Nicole's friends came over last night to have a                ; they all brought pillows and clothes for the next day.
  1. party
  2. play date
  3. get together
  4. sleepover
Which is a MARINE animal?
  1. a shark
  2. a tiger
  3. a butterfly
  4. a giraffe
It really makes me                 and angry with myself when I give up.
  1. restless
  2. furious
  3. extreme
  4. tired
What is a synonym for EXTRAORDINARY?
  1. toxic
  2. exceptional
  3. missionary
  4. pointless
To speak highly of:
  1. principle
  2. ground
  3. recommend
  4. honor
Your plan looks good. It's time to IMPLEMENT it and see if works.

Based on the sentence above, what does IMPLEMENT mean?
  1. instrument
  2. take apart
  3. change
  4. carry out
Some painters create amazing pictures for us to see. These pictures are               .
  1. restless
  2. incredible
  3. suspicious
  4. boring
You will be more ATTENTIVE if you:
  1. take attendance
  2. install a smoke alarm
  3. listen or look carefully
  4. curl up on the couch
Choose the synonym for the word in capital letters.

The wide ASSORTMENT of colors.
  1. distress
  2. spree
  3. variety
  4. register
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