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Mixed Vocabulary Practice (Grade 5)

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Mixed Vocabulary Practice

The archaeologist found a Revolutionary War                 in the dig site by my house.
  1. fault
  2. debris
  3. upheaval
  4. artifact
Aware of other's needs, problems, and feelings; easily hurt or damaged:
  1. abundant
  2. emerge
  3. hardy
  4. sensitive
Extreme physical or mental tiredness:
  1. vigorous
  2. fatigue
  3. hardy
  4. misfortune
To make or become suitable; especially : to change so as to fit a new or specific use or situation:
  1. fault
  2. adapt
  3. impact
  4. devastation
A break in the earth's crust accompanied by a displacement of rock masses parallel to the break:
  1. susceptible
  2. shuddered
  3. assistant
  4. fault
After the tornado,                 was strewn all over town.
  1. rounding
  2. debris
  3. adapt
  4. impact
We experienced a sudden                 a few hours after the first earthquake.
  1. jolt
  2. fault
  3. shuddered
  4. impact
The wedding was an                 event.
  1. extravagant
  2. jolt
  3. shuddered
  4. nomad
Steamboat Sally               her horn when entering the harbor.
  1. blue
  2. sale
  3. sail
  4. blew
Complete the analogy.

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