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Prepositions (Grade 4)

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Instructions: In the sentences below, which word or words are prepositions?

Find the preposition. Horatio found his glasses underneath the stairs.
  1. found
  2. the
  3. underneath
Find the preposition. Your teachers will be proud of you.
  1. Your
  2. of
  3. you
Find the preposition. In the evening, we like watching movies.
  1. In
  2. the
  3. evening
Find the preposition. I have known Kyla since February.
  1. I
  2. known
  3. since
Find the preposition. Will you be home for a long time?
  1. for
  2. a
  3. Will
Find the prepositions. We put down our pencils at the same time.
  1. We, the
  2. down, at
  3. the, time
Find the preposition. I had a great time throughout the summer.
  1. had
  2. I
  3. throughout
Find the preposition. She roasted her marshmallow over the fire.
  1. She
  2. her
  3. over
Find the prepositions. He always goes to bed at 8 PM.
  1. to, at
  2. He, always
  3. always, goes
Find the preposition. Can I have a piece of pie?
  1. I
  2. have
  3. of
Find the prepositions. There are a lot of daisies in my garden.
  1. There, a
  2. of, in
  3. are, garden
Find the preposition. Jacob sat between Ursula and Vince.
  1. between
  2. sat
  3. and
Find the prepositions. We munched on snacks throughout the day.
  1. on, throughout
  2. We, the
  3. munched, snacks
Find the preposition. Did you make soup for dinner tonight?
  1. Did
  2. for
  3. tonight
Find the preposition. My uncle is a nurse in a doctor's office.
  1. is
  2. a
  3. in
Find the preposition. My family is going away for two weeks.
  1. for
  2. two
  3. weeks
Find the preposition. Did you find your book under your chair?
  1. Did
  2. you
  3. under
Find the prepositions. In science class, we are learning about bats.
  1. science, class
  2. in, about
  3. learning, bats
Find the prepositions. Mrs. White lives with her daughter on the top floor.
  1. lives, her
  2. with, on
  3. top, floor
Find the preposition. The children received gifts from across the country.
  1. from
  2. the
  3. children
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