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Complex Sentences (Grade 7)

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Complex Sentences

A complex sentence contains an independent clause and                                                                   
Choose the correctly written complex sentence.
  1. She likes to read, and she likes to write.
  2. Kate and Jonathan worked on their reports.
  3. Before she goes to bed, she must brush her teeth.
  4. Although she likes read mystery novels best.
Choose the correctly written complex sentence.
  1. Because reading is her favorite subject, she spends her weekends reading novels.
  2. After the sun goes down we will light the fire.
  3. She likes to clean, but she loves to cook.
  4. The doctor prescribed Tylenol, or the patient can take Motrin.
Which one of these sentences is a complex sentence?
  1. Mabel made a broccoli pizza, but I didn't eat it?
  2. After I returned home, I ate a cheese pizza.
  3. Mabel made a broccoli pizza.
Which sentence is complex?
  1. Before scientists invented telescopes, the moon was a mystery.
  2. The viewer looked into the special machine.
  3. Trained bears were the star of the film.
  4. People in earlier days wrote letters or sent telegrams.
Which sentence correctly changes the simple sentence into a complex sentence?

I made dinner.
  1. I made dinner and ate it.
  2. After the basketball game, I made dinner.
  3. I made dinner, but burned the rolls.
  4. I made dinner for my family.
Which sentence is a complex sentence?
  1. Tomorrow the students have a test in English and in Algebra.
  2. They are studying because they want to do well on both tests.
  3. English is a hard subject for some, but many find math even harder.
Which choice correctly changes the following simple sentence into a complex sentence?

We visited the zoo.
  1. We visited the zoo, but we didn't see any monkeys.
  2. We visited the zoo because we wanted to see the lions.
  3. We visited the zoo and the aquarium.
  4. We visited the zoo during the summer.
Why should you use complex sentences?
  1. to add more detail
  2. to make a point
  3. to combine two sentences
  4. none of the above
Which word will you not typically find in a complex sentence?
  1. while
  2. after
  3. and
  4. even though
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