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Errors in Verb Tense (Grade 7)

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Errors in Verb Tense

Instructions: Choose the option that correctly fixes the error in verb tense for each question below.

Choose the correct replacement for the verb KNOW in the sentence.
Sarah know she should brush her teeth after eating, but she decided not to.
  1. knowed
  2. knows
  3. knew
  4. No Error
Choose the correct replacement for the second GO used in the sentence.
I don't have time to go to the grocery store today, but I go on Monday.
  1. went
  2. will go
  3. gone
  4. No Error
I noticed the dishwasher stopped working, so I call a repairman to come look at it.
  1. called
  2. have called
  3. calls
  4. No Error
Correct the error with the capitalized word.
The purpose of going to school is not to make friends, it WAS to learn.
  1. will be
  2. should be
  3. is
  4. No Error
Recently, the school board decide to end all after-school activities.
  1. decided
  2. will decide
  3. has decided
  4. No Error
Choose the correct replacement for the word RUN in the sentence.
Every Christmas, Mr. Johnson run by the cemetery before he headed to his mother's house.
  1. runs
  2. ran
  3. will run
  4. No Error
Choose the correct replacement for the word OPEN in the sentence.
If we could opened the jar of pizza sauce, we could finish making the pizza.
  1. open
  2. opens
  3. have opened
  4. No Error
Choose the correct replacement for the verb LABEL in the sentence.
Albert Einstein was not label a genius by many people during his early life.
  1. was label
  2. have labeled
  3. labeled
  4. No Error
Choose the correct replacement for the verb WENT in the sentence.
Tomorrow, we will go to the bank before we went to the store.
  1. gone
  2. go
  3. will go
  4. No Error
Choose the correct replacement for the verb LIKED.

I would like to move to Texas, but my brother liked to go to Oklahoma.
  1. would like
  2. like
  3. want
  4. No Error

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