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Homophones (Grade 6)

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Which word means:
To receive or approve
  1. except
  2. accept
In biblical times, sacrifices were often made on an                
  1. alter
  2. altar
We're off to the car dealership                 the mall to                 a new car.                !
  1. buy/by/bye
  2. by/bye/buy
  3. bye/buy/by
  4. by/buy/bye
At this season of the year, it is not the right                for a swimsuit.
  1. whether
  2. wearer
  3. weather
  4. wherever
You must decide                         to                         the storm or                         to evacuate.
  1. whether/weather/whether
  2. weather/whether/weather
  3. whether/whether/weather
  4. weather/weather/whether
Use the correct homophone in the sentence

Patricia had to buy                  before making a cake.
Use the correct homophone in the sentence.

Emily had to                  the elephant at the zoo.
He used the                   to                  in the horse when it started to                  .
  1. reigns/reign/rain
  2. reins/rein/rain
  3. rains/reign/rein
  4. reins/rain/reign
Choose the best word to fill in the blank.

               going to give his speech next?
  1. Whose
  2. Who's
All of you will get extra credit,                those of you who copied your answers from Monica.
  1. except
  2. accept
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