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Identify Subject and Predicate (Grade 7)

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Identify Subject and Predicate

What is a subject and a predicate?

To find the subject, ask                 or                 is this sentence about.
  1. What or when
  2. How and why
  3. Who or what
The predicate of a sentence tells something about the subject.
  1. True
  2. False
Birthdays come only once a year,

The subject of the sentence is                        
The predicate of the sentence is               
Identify the predicate:
The tiny kittens crawled out of the basket.
  1. kittens crawled
  2. crawled out of the basket
  3. out of the basket
Underline the compound predicate in this sentence.

I went and watched the baseball game.

Read the sentence below. Select the answer that is the COMPLETE PREDICATE of the sentence.

Aidan goes to the movies every weekend.
  1. Aiden
  2. Aiden goes
  3. to the movies every week
  4. goes to the movies every week
Circle the subject and underline the predicate.

Thirteen pink candles decorated Lisa's birthday cake.

In the following sentences underline the subject once and the predicate twice.

a. One of my brothers fixed his own car.

b. Sharyl and Ken will be presenting Fridays's history lesson.

c. Lala might have been given a wrong classroom number.

Underline the subject(s) in each sentence below.

a.In 1957, Ray Bradbury wrote Dandelion Wine, a novel based on childhood memories.
b.The girls stopped at the library.
c.Up the steps walked Jesse and Becca.
d.The books on the third shelf fell to the floor.
e.Hologram pendants, badges, and postcards make popular souvenirs.

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