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Misplaced Modifiers (Grade 7)

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Misplaced Modifiers

What is a modifier?

Which sentence contains a misplaced modifier?
  1. The battery in my car died.
  2. The man in the brown suit ran toward the taxi.
  3. The man in the drawer found his handkerchief.
  4. The mouse was caught in the trap.
Which sentence contains a dangling modifier?
  1. The registration desk was located in the gymnasium.
  2. The students on the table completed the form.
  3. Student registration took place at three o'clock.
  4. The students were dismissed at five o'clock.
Which sentence contains a dangling modifier?
  1. The hunger strike protests our cafeteria food.
  2. Doug's mom hung on the wall her favorite painting.
  3. The new sports car was stolen from the parking lot.
  4. Our cat likes to play with the dog next door.
Which sentence contains a misplaced modifier?
  1. While on its way to Jupiter, the Starship Enterprise flew through a powerful dust storm.
  2. The spaceship will orbit Jupiter for six months.
  3. The spaceship's warriors battled the Klingon Empire for many years.
  4. The grateful soldier relaxed after years of battle in his living room.
Which sentence contains a dangling modifier?
  1. Amazingly, the man in the cast rode the bicycle around the block.
  2. Bozo the Clown wears baggy pants.
  3. Having finished the homework assignment, Geraldo turned on the TV.
  4. The man walks slowly down to the saloon with the cowboy boots.
What is the correct way to write the following sentence?

The young girl was walking the dog in a red skirt.
  1. The young girl walked the dog wearing a red skirt.
  2. The young girl in a red skirt was walking the dog.
  3. The young girl walked the dog while wearing a red skirt.
  4. The young girl walked the dog. She wore a red skirt.
Which sentence contains a misplaced modifier?
  1. The dog with the brown spots belongs to that child.
  2. The car was parked in the garage for fifteen years.
  3. The car's battery was dead.
  4. Hanging on the wall, she glanced in the mirror.
In the following sentence, which word does the modifier describe?

Zoe played a trumpet who was five.
  1. Zoe
  2. trumpet
How can you fix a sentence with a misplaced modifier?
  1. Move the modifier
  2. Change the modifier
  3. Delete the modifier
  4. Write a new sentence
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