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Language Arts Review (Grade 8)

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Language Arts Review

The following is text from "A Christmas Carol". What figurative language is being used in the text?

But soon the steeples called good people all to church and chapel, and away they came, flocking through the streets in their best clothes, and with their gayest faces.
  1. Hyperbole
  2. Metaphor
  3. Simile
  4. Personification
Which sentence is correct?
  1. Andy wants to go to collage.
  2. Kallie has applied for colege.
  3. Joe is not certain which college to select.
  4. Brian does not want to go to colage.
If                   waiting on me to buy                    old car,                   going to have to wait a long time.
  1. your/your/your
  2. you're/you're/your
  3. you're/your/you're
  4. your/you're/your
Which is spelled correctly?
  1. potential
  2. potentiel
  3. potensial
  4. potentiall
Yesterday was my birthday. When I woke up, I noticed my brother Josh hung up a big sign that said,"Happy Birthday, Charles!" Mom made spaghetti for dinner.
It's my favorite food in the whole world. My friend Dave came over and handed me a wrapped gift. I wondered what it was. It was a new basketball! I had a great day.

What is the main idea of this paragraph?
  1. Josh got lots of gifts
  2. Charles got a lot of gifts
  3. Charles had a great birthday
  4. Josh had a great birthday
The definition for the stem SUB is:
  1. under
  2. over
  3. behind
  4. above
Which sentence contains a misplaced modifier?
  1. While on its way to Jupiter, the Starship Enterprise flew through a powerful dust storm.
  2. The spaceship will orbit Jupiter for six months.
  3. The spaceship's warriors battled the Klingon Empire for many years.
  4. The grateful soldier relaxed after years of battle in his living room.
Which of the following is a fact?
  1. Wild cats are the most beautiful animals in the world.
  2. A cheetah is the world's fastest animal.
  3. A jaguar is sneaky.
  4. The lion is truly the king of the beasts.
Read the sentence and choose the answer that identifies the type of sentence:

The clock's minute hand is moving, but the second hand has stopped.
  1. simple sentence
  2. compound sentence
  3. complex sentence
  4. compound-complex sentence
Find the adverb in the following sentence.

After the game, the disappointed players shook their heads sadly but refused to accept defeat.
  1. disappointed
  2. sadly
  3. after
  4. shook
The HABITAT, or home, of the giant panda is in China.

A                is a person, a place, a thing, or an idea.
Which of the following visual arguments may evoke strong emotions?

an image of a nurse holding an unharmed infant who was dropped off at a designated safe-haven location
a designer label on a piece of clothing
a bar chart of 2003 housing construction sales per state
none of the above
  1. an image of a nurse holding an unharmed infant who was dropped off at a church
  2. a designer label on a piece of clothing
  3. a bar chart of 2003 housing construction for the sales per state
  4. all of the above
Old and in very bad condition.

Which of the words below matches the above definition?
  1. timid
  2. effective
  3. feeble
  4. dilapidated
Give 3 examples of a concrete noun. (material things, people, or places)

One who accepts an assignment should be sure to shirk it.
  1. True
  2. False
" 'Nadine, I don't know how you can think about sleep when the cutest guy started school here today. He's so dreamy,' said Anna. 'He has dark brown hair and green eyes and-'
'Give us all a break, Anna,' said Julie. 'He's not that exciting.' "

Look at the quotes above. What does the dash most likely mean?
  1. Anna stopped talking because she was rudely interrupted by Julie.
  2. Anna stopped talking because she took a large bite of her Frito bake.
  3. Anna stopped talking because she knew that Sherei liked the new guy. .
  4. Anna stopped talking because she was distracted by the new guy
Which of the following visual arguments contains an ethical appeal?
  1. a designer label on a piece of clothing
  2. a bar chart of 2003 housing construction sales per state
  3. an advertisement of a new multivitamin that shows a pharmacist in a pharmacy
  4. none of the above
A story that someone tells about their own life is known as a
  1. biography
  2. autobiography
  3. fable
  4. fiction
John tells fantastic lies to create excitement; Lorraine wants to be a writer. These examples illustrate which of following themes?
  1. Death is an unavoidable reality.
  2. Loneliness can destroy a person's life.
  3. People are responsible for their own actions.
  4. Creativity is a way to escape a dull or unpleasant reality.
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