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Grammar Review (Grade 8)

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Grammar Review

Which sentence is correct?
  1. Andy wants to go to collage.
  2. Kallie has applied for colege.
  3. Joe is not certain which college to select.
  4. Brian does not want to go to colage.
If                   waiting on me to buy                    old car,                   going to have to wait a long time.
  1. your/your/your
  2. you're/you're/your
  3. you're/your/you're
  4. your/you're/your
Which sentence contains a dangling modifier?
  1. The hunger strike protests our cafeteria food.
  2. Doug's mom hung on the wall her favorite painting.
  3. The new sports car was stolen from the parking lot.
  4. Our cat likes to play with the dog next door.
Which sentence contains a misplaced modifier?
  1. While on its way to Jupiter, the Starship Enterprise flew through a powerful dust storm.
  2. The spaceship will orbit Jupiter for six months.
  3. The spaceship's warriors battled the Klingon Empire for many years.
  4. The grateful soldier relaxed after years of battle in his living room.
Which group are abstract nouns?
  1. sadness, loyalty, trust
  2. sadly, loyally, trustworthy
  3. flock, gaggle, crowd
  4. wriggle, twist, shuffle
Choose the correct possessive to fill in the blank.

Their                 names are Mr. Andrade, Mrs. Roby, and Miss Johnson.
  1. teachers'
  2. teacher's
  3. teachers's
  4. teachers
Identify the part of speech of the word that appears in all caps in the sentence below.

The police ran AFTER the thief.
  1. interjection
  2. conjunction
  3. preposition
  4. verb
Which sentence has a direct and indirect object?
  1. Parker built his brother a tree house.
  2. Edna makes cookies for the holidays.
  3. Children rip open their gifts when they get them.
  4. Michael ate his Brussels sprouts for dinner.
Choose the correct possessive to fill in the blank.

The dog played with the                 shoe.
  1. babies
  2. baby's
  3. babys'
  4. babys
What is the correct way to write the following sentence?

The young girl was walking the dog in a red skirt.
  1. The young girl walked the dog wearing a red skirt.
  2. The young girl in a red skirt was walking the dog.
  3. The young girl walked the dog while wearing a red skirt.
  4. The young girl walked the dog. She wore a red skirt.
Nicholas and I wanted so badly to go to the movie, but when the car broke down, I thought to myself, This is another fine mess.

Which word or phrase in the sentence needs to be in italics?
  1. Nicholas and I
  2. This is another fine mess.
  3. broke
  4. down
Define predicate.

Define subject.

MTV, or Music Television, is a cable television network based in New York City. The network launched on August 1, 1981. Its original purpose was to show music videos. Today, the network broadcasts a variety of music, pop culture, and television shows aimed at adolescents and young adults. The network is now made up of four different channels just in the U.S. MTV has revolutionized the music industry since its premiere. MTV brought the concept of a disc jockey to the channel with video jockeys. Both artists and fans found a central location of music events, news, and promotion.
Read the following sentence from the passage.

"Both artists and fans found a central location of music events, news, and promotion."

Which of these words is a synonym of promotion?
  1. press
  2. concerts
  3. images
  4. sales
The mayor, together with his two brothers,                 going to be indicted for accepting bribes.
  1. is
  2. are
Which word is the best choice for the subordinating clause?
                Henry wanted to join the Army, he had to take a series of tests.
  1. Because
  2. And
  3. Then
  4. During
Choose the correct possessive to fill in the blank.

I work at my                 store every evening.
  1. mom and dad's
  2. mom's and dad's
  3. mom and dads'
  4. moms and dad's
The lack of rain                 affect the pecan trees.
  1. can
  2. may
Choose the best pronoun to fill in the blank.

Give the candy to John and                .
  1. they
  2. me
  3. I
  4. we
Which word in the sentence below is a coordinating conjunction?
Jason finished his research paper on time, yet he turned it in late.
  1. on
  2. it
  3. his
  4. yet
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