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Grammar Review (Grade 9)

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Grammar Review

Who (am/is/are) you?!
  1. am
  2. is
  3. are
Which of the following is a dependent clause?
  1. If the weather is still nice
  2. That's the most spectacular view of all
  3. You'll want to take pictures
  4. You will reach the city of Asheville later
Which of the following is a run-on sentence?
  1. You can use soap to clean the kitchen counter, but bleach is better.
  2. Hamburgers should be eaten well-done, because cooking kills bacteria.
  3. It's important to store food properly and to keep preparation areas clean.
  4. Bacteria in food can cause illness you should take care to store food properly.
Which words in the following sentence are prepositions?

William Wordsworth lived most of his life in the Lake District.
  1. most; life
  2. lived; life
  3. of; in
  4. his; lake
Finish the sentence. Coordinating conjunctions
  1. are the generalists of the modifier family.
  2. join two phrases or clauses that are not of equal importance.
  3. join words and groups of words of equal importance.
If the present tense is walk, the past tense walked and the future tense will walk, what is the present participle and the past participle?
  1. is walking, was walking
  2. has been walking, was walking
  3. is walking, has walked
Is the following question written in active or passive voice?
Many discoveries were made by the Egyptians.
  1. Active
  2. Passive
Achieving parallelism is very important when you are writing. Which sentence has achieved parallelism?
  1. The teacher told me to think better and having more focus.
  2. Being too late for the bus and to get something to eat, I decided to walk to the mall.
  3. I really like playing chess, walking my dog, and taking vacations in Florida.
Identify the subject complement of the following sentence.

This knapsack seems awfully heavy.
  1. knapsack
  2. seems
  3. awfully
  4. heavy
Identify the correct pronoun for the sentence.

No one but you and (her, she) saw the play.
  1. her
  2. she
Make the necessary corrections to the following sentence.

i thank the article sheep cloning methods improved were really boring i stoped reading after the second paragraph

Make the necessary corrections to the following sentence.

dat girl should of studied if shed hopped to pass the test over the epic poem the iliad

Taylor Swift walked outside to see a rainbow.

"Outside" is what part of speech?                   
Correct the parallelism in this sentence:

"The coach told the players that they should get a lot of sleep, that they should not eat too much, and to do some warm-up exercises before the game."

Fix the parallel structure of the following sentence:

Mary likes hiking, swimming, and to ride a bicycle.

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